Mental Health

The Invisible Opponent

Breaking The Silence On Mental Health 

100% of Proceeds goes to Athletes Mental Health

Winning-Streaks supports breaking the silence on mental health for all runners.  Data from the American College of Sports Medicine indicates that 35% of             elite athletes struggle with burnout, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and other mental problems that we don’t hear about.

That said, Winning-Streaks shines the light and opens up the conversation about the mental wellness for every athlete as it becomes more prevalent and commonplace.  In fact, part of this inspirational, insight and awareness are the stories from the runners of “Touching Greatness, Forever Together” book by       Jerry Bouma.

It should be known that 100% of the book proceeds support this cause for the Villanova Track & Field program, that also enhances and promotes the holistic   student-athlete experience both on and off the track.  There are many runners who are suffering and are in need, interception and support.

We are honored to support this great cause and hopefully you will as well in beating the invisible opponent.

Perhaps the biggest challenge of running is not our bodies but our mental state and health.  

This is when a little motivation can provide the inspiration kick we need to lace up our running shoes and get out there.

Here are some quotes designed to do just that.


Steve Prefontaine

Holder of Seven World Records


Steve Prefontaine Winning

“Over the years, I’ve given myself a thousand reasons to keep running, but it always comes back to where it started. It comes down to    self-satisfaction and a sense of achievement.”